Bring on the Azaleas!

In my last posting, Tulip Invasion: Resources for Survivors, I mentioned my shear annoyance in dealing with the never ending tulip bulbs in my flower bed. In my frustration over the bulbs, I will admit that I missed what’s going on with my beautiful Azaleas. The Azaleas are my true treasure. I love their colors and complete brilliance. As I brood over the Tulips, the Azaleas are patiently waiting to be noticed. These beauties are a complete reminder of the new season and definitely are my sign of renewed hope. They also help me cope with the bulbs that seem to be invincible.

In my last post, I also highlighted resources specifically geared toward the hope and renewal process for survivors. The NSVRC library has many more useful resources that I wanted to share. One truly special read is Dear Sister: Letters from Survivors of Sexual Violence edited by Lisa Factora-Borchers. This consists of a collection of letters from 40 artists, activists, writers and students who are survivors of sexual assault. There is a sense of shame, brokenness, depression and pain that is felt through every story. At the same time, the letters also offer comfort, solidarity, reassurance, the possibility of healing, and a testimony of survival.

For Now: Words of the Girl Who Fought Back by Anna Nettie Hanson is another powerful work. It was written by a teen that describes the pain and trauma of rape by someone who she thought was a friend. It is a unique daily journal written immediately following her rape and reflects raw and powerful emotions, shared by many other survivors. The book can be useful to survivors, as well as those working with youth who sexually abuse and as a tool for understanding the impact of their sexually abusive behavior.

One last book I wanted to share with you is, Live through This: On Creativity and Self-Destruction by Sabrina Chap. It pulls together a collection of original stories, essays, artwork and photography that concentrates on destructive and creative forces. Art is used to overcome abuse, incest, anger and depression; as well as cutting, eating disorders and addiction.

Again, these are just a few resources that the NSVRC library has to offer regarding hope and healing. These resources not only reflect how some survivors have chosen to express themselves through their own creativity, but they also offer help and hope to others. So, in my attempt to rid my flower bed from my little annoyances, I am continuously reminded of the newness the season brings. It gives me hope and renewed sense of joy for what is to come. Wishing you all a fabulous day and a Happy Spring!

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