Boomerang Recruitment

Here's an interesting idea: boomerange recruitment. It's essentially the concept of targeting former employees (high-performing ones) to bring back into the organization. After all, these are people with a proven track record, who know the organization and many (if not all) of its leaders.

I mention this because 1.) Medscape has an interesting article on the subject; and 2.) it came up at the last site visit I did. One of the constants with SANE programs is that staff turnover in most programs is pretty high. Life always manages to rear its complicated head, and because so few people work as SANEs as their sole source of employment, we lose good nurses left and right to illness, pregnancy, family stressors and more. A lot of the nurses who leave our rosters might actually come back, though, once their given life issues have resolved, if we make an effort to keep them connected and woo them sufficiently. It's certainly a smart financial move: an already trained and experienced SANE who simply requires a little updating is a beautiful thing from an economic perspective.

I'd love to hear from people who have found this to be an effective (or lousy) recruitment and staffing solution (disaster stories can be as illuminating as success stories). I know in my home program we've had some success with this strategy. Surely others of you have tried this, as well. Feel free to email me with your stories if you're too shy to post.