Bicyclist Hero in Oregon

Dear Engaged Bystander:  Here is another story of a hero, someone deciding to act.  It is a wonderful story of a bicyclist:

  • Seeing something was wrong (a man struggling with a woman and covering her mouth),
  • Knowing what to do (follow the man as he walks away and calls the police)
  • Getting help (calling the police and following the man until the police arrive)

What is also unusual about the story is that the man admitted to attempting the rape.  He is a registered sex offender, yet I have rarely, if ever read that kind of story.  And for the man, it may mean that he may be able to get the help he needs to control that behavior.  At a minimum, it means that he will be kept off of the streets for some time to come. 


The police also commended the bicyclist for his actions.  This contrasts to a recent story in NJ where the police said that people should not put themselves in danger.  This level of intervention is just perfect.  That too is a great way to end.





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