Basic Guidelines for Successful Planning

We are close to having our next bulletin on writing business plans available, so in anticipation of said forthcoming bulletin, I want to talk briefly about planning in general. Planning is not something into which I've seen many SANE programs put a lot of time and effort, except when forced to do so by a third party, like a potential funder during the grant writing process. I think sometimes we write planning off as a luxury we can't afford, or we just don't think it's necessary for the everyday business of caring for our patients. However, planning, in a formal and organized fashion, can be a meaningful way to gauge how we're doing, whether we're effective, and if we're using our resources in the best way possible. And it provides us with a course of action, tangible goals and objectives that help us articulate the importance of our work and our presence at the healthcare table.

If you Google planning resources you'll overwhelm yourself with the number of returns. I'm providing Carter McNamara's page here because I think his info is broad, well-linked, and brief enough for those of you who would rather eat glass than read business treatises.

Sustainability doesn't happen in a vacuum, and it doesn't happen without a plan. Hopefully this will be a good start for those of you new to the planning process or those of you just ready to revisit it again. And don't forget--our fantastic bulletin on writing business plans for SANE programs is coming soon. Great tools to add to your management arsenal...

[Basic Guidelines for Successful Planning Process, Carter McNamara: Free Management Library]

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