Are You On Facebook?

Are you on Facebook? Did you know many of your favorite organizations and projects are there?

I mention Facebook, because one of the issues we frequently hear from struggling programs is a sense of isolation and frustration with lack of networking opportunities. Particularly because so many travel budgets have been slashed or outright eliminated. As a dedicated social media fan, I'm here to tell you that some of the interaction you crave can be found right here on the web. And Facebook is a good place to start*.

*A caveat for SANEs regarding using social media sites like Facebook: these sites are searchable and less under your control than you might think. Information that you post to your site will remain out there in the digital ether, even if you delete it; and unless you institute some strict privacy controls, others can put up content about you (including photos). Make sure you limit any content about yourself to things you wouldn't be embarrased to be confronted with in court. For those of you who will be attending SANE-SART in May, Roger Canaff and I will spend a portion of our "Surviving Cross Examination" talk addressing this very issue.

What other orgs have you run across on Facebook? Let us know in the comments section if there are some you particularly like.

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