4 Simple Ways to Make Your Employees Happy

Anthony Tjan has a great post today about keeping employees happy. It's something we talk about all the time, since we know people aren't always paid what they deserve, and we know the hours people give to call are often ridiculous. And yet, there are some programs that have very little turnover, and it's not necessarily because they have more money than everyone else.

A couple weeks ago I posted a larger piece on this topic, but I love this one for its conciseness and common sense. Don't let the business focus put you off--it speaks to our world, as well.

[Four Simple Ways to Make Your Employees Happy, Anthony Tjan]


Submitted by George Rhodes on

This issue is a matter of living the golden rule. Treat others as you would want to be treated. I think the writer is saying the same thing. Treat the employees with respect, say thank you, help them do a better job, tell them they are valued on a regular basis. Make the environment a pleasant one... make it hard for a good employee to leave. Common sense goes a long way in the work place. casino en ligne

Submitted by joe on

It is clear that if we want respect we must give to others, you reap those we sow.

Submitted by floralee on

It really is about common sense...if you are an employer and treat your staff like rubbish then they will be more likely to steal, turn up late, and really not care about giving 100% effort in their day to day duties. Simple.
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