Heroes in Maine: 5 young woman jump in when another woman is attacked

Dear Engaged Bystanders:  I have some new heroes in Maine.  In case you have not seen the story, 5 female students heard another student at Husson College in Bangor Maine call for help.  They all jumped in to wrestle away the knife from her attacker, call the police and hold him imoblie until the police could arrive. 

Jennifer Hladik, one of the principle bystanders said she realized the importance of self defense, knowing what to do and how to do it:

"...it is so much better to know what I was doing, to make a little plan in a couple of seconds before doing something because I can't imagine being one of the girls without training and not knowing what to do," she said.


Now put Jennifer's statement in the context of Darley and Latane's (1968) five steps towards taking action:

  1. Notice the event
  2. Consider whether the situation demands your action
  3. Decide if you have a responsibility to act
  4. Choose what form of assistance to use
  5. Understand how to implement the choice safely


Jennifer understood what to do AND how to do it.  That put her in a much better position to make that split second decision to act safely.  Another young woman knew twhat to do AND how to do it -- she chose to call the police and security. 


It is just great to see this kind of story in the media and although I know I am looking for these stories every day, I think that more and more of these positive stories are beginning to appear in the media.  Stay tuned to see if I am right on this.