NSVRC Advisory Council Members Emeriti

The NSVRC Advisory Council Members Emeriti are distinguished professionals from across the nation who are dedicated to supporting NSVRC and working to end sexual violence. All have contributed in important and unique ways to the resource center’s development and to the capacity of the field. Staff continues to benefit from the Advisory Council Members Emeriti by ongoing information-sharing, discussions and partnerships. The NSVRC is grateful for their outstanding contributions and support.

Founding members (1999) are noted by an asterisk (*).

Karen Artichoker, SD *
Victoria L. Banyard, MA
Tillie Black Bear, SD
Suzanne (Drapeaux) Blue Star Boy, DC
Peggy Brown, AK
Suzanne Brown-McBride, CA *
Gail Burns-Smith, CT *
Maia Christopher, OR
Marci Diamond, MA
Ann Emmerling, PA *
Anna Fairclough, AK
Robert Franklin, VA
Nan Gelman, MI
Kellie Greene, FL
Gary Kesling, TX
Jean Kilbourne, MA
Alisa Klein, MA
Jamie Lee Evans, CA *
Clema Lewis, VI
Grace Mattern, NH
Jenifer Markowitz, OH
Jessica Mindlin, OR
Lara Murray Mohlhenrich, DC
Kimber Nicoletti, West Lafayette, IN
Diane Nelson Livia, CA
Mary Onama, Norristown, PA
Ellen Reed, MO
Jose Luis Rivera, IN
Mark Rosenberg, GA *
Strong Oak, MA
Cassandra Thomas, TX*
Rebecca Ward, PR
Janelle White, LA
Linda Williams, MA
Marianne Winters, MA *
Nichole Witt, SD
Jonathan Yglesias, VA
Ellen Yin-Wycoff, CA